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Aquatic invertebrates 152
Water quality biological assessment 112
Aquatic biology 45
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Aquatic plants Massachusetts Boston Catalogs 37
Flowers Seeds Massachusetts Boston Catalogs 37
Nurseries (Horticulture) Massachusetts Boston Catalogs 37
Nursery stock Massachusetts Boston Catalogs 37
Vegetables Seeds Massachusetts Boston Catalogs 37
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Aquatic ecology 36
Trees Massachusetts Boston Catalogs 36
Aquatic plants 27
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Aquatic plants Catalogs 16
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Aquatic resources 13
Aquatic organisms 12
Water lilies Catalogs 11
Aquatic sports 10
Oceanography 10
Agricultural Biodiversity 8
Allelopathically enriched Oryza for Health 8
Ancient Nanotechnology based Oryza Formulations 8
Antibacterial and antiviral activities of Indigenous Rice Formulations 8
Antifungal Properties of Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh 8
Antipyretic properties of native wild wood Mushrooms 8
Aquatic habitats 8
Aquatic weeds as Tribal Medicines 8
Arròs as Traditional Aboriginal Medicine 8
Asian Medicinal Plants for Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders 8
Asian Rice Germplasm for Chronic Diseases 8
Bastar Folk Rice 8
Biodiversity Driven Drug Discovery 8
Black Rice as Tribal Traditional Food 8
Bracket Mushrooms in Rice Formulations 8
Chhattisgarh Rice Agriculture for Nutrition and Health 8
Culinary uses of non-cultivated Oryza 8
Cyclotides in Ancient Tribal Medicines 8
Cây lúa 8
Economic plants in Archeology of Chhattisgarh and Odisha 8
Edible Medicines of Tribal India 8
Edible and Medicinal Wetland Plants in Desi Rice Formulations 8
Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines 8
Endangered Edible Orchids in Traditional Healing 8
Ethnic Medicinal Plant Resources 8
Ethnic Vegetables as Tribal Medicines 8
Ethnic uses of Traditional Lowland Rice 8
Ethnobotanical knowledge on indigenous fruits used in Red Rice Formulations 8
Famine Food Plants as Antidiabetic Agents 8
Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh 8
Folk Healers of Odisha 8
Folk medicines of Chhattisgarh and Odisha 8
Folklore medicinal plants of Western Ghats 8
Food Taboos and Folk Medicines 8
Forgotten Indigenous Medicines and Medicinal Plant Research 8
Forgotten Medicinal Rice used by Primitive Tribes 8
Forgotten Traditional Rice and Endangered Tribes 8
Forgotten Tribal Medicines of North Eastern States 8
Healthcare system practiced by traditional vaidyas 8
Hrísgrjón 8
Important Ingredients of Cissus quadrangularis (Hadjod) based Herbal Dishes 8
Indigenous Herbal Drugs for General Health care 8
Indigenous minor fruits used by Gond and Bhunjia Healers 8
Indigenous use and ethnopharmacology of medicinal plants in Indian Desert 8
Indigenous wild edible herbs for Diabetes Complications 8
Innovative medicinal rice based food products 8
Integration of Indigenous Traditional Remedies in primary health care 8
Integration of Oryza based Traditional Herbal Medicines 8
Invasive Alien Species in Medicinal Rice Formulations 8
Key Ingredients of Vishalya Karani (Visalyakarani) and Mrita Sanjeevani based Herbal Formulations 8
Leafy vegetables used by tribal peoples of Jharkhand 8
Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants 8
Medicinal Black Rice of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand 8
Medicinal Orchids in Red Rice Formulations 8
Medicinal Plants and raw drugs of India 8
Medicinal Plants for Pest Management in Organic Farming 8
Medicinal Plants of Amarkantak and Gandhamardan Hills with Immunestimulating properties 8
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh 8
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh and Forgotten Formulations 8
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh and Odisha with Antistress activity 8
Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh and Telangana with immunostimulatory properties 8
Medicinal Plants of Narsinghnath 8
Medicinal Plants of Nepal Himalayas used by Vaidyas of North India 8
Medicinal Plants of Orissa with Immunopotentiating properties 8
Medicinal Plants of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve (PBR) 8
Medicinal Plants of Tribal Folktales 8
Medicinal Plants used by Gond Healers 8
Medicinal Plants used by Kamar Healers for modern diseases 8
Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas 8
Medicinal Plants with Antiovulatory and abortifacient potential 8
Medicinal Plants with antiamoebic properties 8
Medicinal Pис in Tribal Aboriginal Diets 8
Medicinal Red Rice of Chhattisgarh 8
Medicinal Rice Biotechnology 8
Medicinal Rice Germplasm 8
Medicinal Rice Knowledge bank 8
Medicinal Rice for sustainable future for indigenous peoples 8
Medicinal Rice in Healing Traditions of the Northwestern Himalayas 8
Medicinal Rice in Indigenous Peoples' food systems 8
Medicinal Rice in Traditional Food System 8
Medicinal Rice of Ethnic and Rural Peoples 8
Medicinal Rice of Karnataka and Chhattisgarh series 8
Medicinal Rice popular among Adivasis of India 8
Medicinal Rijst and Nutritional anthropology 8
Medicinal Trees of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand 8
Medicinal non-timber forest products of Gandhamardan Hills 8
Medicinal plants of Bastar with Antifertility potential 8
Medicinal plants of Chhattisgarh with Antihepatotoxic properties 8
Medicinal plants of Chhattisgarh with hypolipidemic activity 8
Medicinal plants of Kanger valley and Surguja with Antiinflammatory properties 8
Medicinal plants of Maharashtra and Jharkhand with Radioprotective potential 8
Mosquito Repellent Plants 8
Neglected and Underutilized Species as Tribal Remedies 8
Nepalese Medicinal Plants in Indian Traditional Healing 8
New Oryza Research 8
Oral hypoglycaemic activity of Medicinal Sedges 8
Orchid Flora of Amarkantak 8
Orchid Flora of Bastar 8
Orchid Flora of Chhattisgarh Plains 8
Oryza Formulations for Sickle Cell Anemia 8
Oryza Research by Pankaj Oudhia 8
Oryza and Healing Millets in Ayurvedic Home Remedies 8
Oryza in Traditional Healing of Adivasis of Eastern Ghats 8
Oryza sativa L. 8
Oryza with Adivasi Medicines 8
Perennial edible fruits of the tropics used in Rice Formulations 8
Pirinç 8
Prehistoric medicines of Chhattisgarh 8
Rare Edible Plants in Wild Rice Formulations 8
Reis in Traditional Cuisine 8
Rice Allelopathy 8
Rice in Ayurvedic Medicines and Formulations 8
Rice landrace diversity in Chhattisgarh 8
Rice of the gods and goddesses 8
Ryžis 8
Rýže 8
Sacred psychoactive plants with Medicinal Rice 8
Safe Herbal Medicines of Tribal India 8
Saving Chhattisgarh Rice 8
Seeds for future 8
Seth Bernard 8
Therapeutic Potential of edible fruits of indigenous wild trees 8
Therapeutic potential of Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh and Vidarbha 8
Threatened indigenous fruit species in Black Rice Formulations 8
Traditional Folk Food in Rural India 8
Traditional Healers of Gujarat 8
Traditional Health Care Knowledge of Vaidyas 8
Traditional Indian Tribal food 8
Traditional Knowledge Documentation 8
Traditional Medicinal Practices of India 8
Traditional Vaidyas of India 8
Traditional Weedy Vegetables in Folk Rice Formulations 8
Traditional indigenous healing in India 8
Traditional tribal healing knowledge 8
Treatment of malaria with plant remedies and Medicinal Rice 8
Tribal Folk Medicinal Plant Resources 8
Tribal Healers of Madhya Pradesh 8
Tribal Knowledge on Indian Food Plants 8
Tribal Medicinal Plants of Maharashtra 8
Tribal Superfruits in Herbal Formulations 8
Underutilized wild edible plants of Chhattisgarh 8
Validated Herbal Ingredients of Entomophagy and Entomotherapy Formulations 8
Vedic Rice Science in Asia 8
Vedic indigenous wild food plants 8